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Wall Cosmetics

WALL COSMETICS advocates a unique shopping experience that creates creativity and discovers inspiration. The company's has a modernize management which equips with reputable brand and wallpaper specialist to gain supports from customers and friends in the industry.

We are a professional wall decoration company that gathered a group of elites whom mainly sold products are wallpapers, mural wallpaper, wall stickers, roller blinds and PVC floor tiles. Mainly the sole distributor of the Korea brand wallpapers, providing personalize customization services, base on customer's needs for different household-theme.

Interior design was one of the many things our founders had to get right after purchasing a home. During our travels abroad, we found that many houses and shops across Europe and Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China) were using wallpaper to express their creativity, but Singapore had relatively few shops selling wallpaper.

Dissatisfied with what we saw on the market, we founded WALL COSMETICS in 2019 to create and sell wallpapers that we would be delighted to have in our own homes – a carefully curated selection of wallpapers that combine thoughtful design, impeccable quality, affordability and comfort.

Buying wallpaper from WALL COSMETICS means making a choice fit for your home, because of our range of designs, commitment to environmental protection, and our promise to uphold both affordability and high quality.

We source our wallpaper primarily from industry leading production facilities in South Korea, and are committed to upholding stringent standards and quality. A limited selection of our collection is also sourced from Europe, Japan and China, in order to fulfil your needs at every price point. All our wallpapers are constructed only from premium materials, as we aim to set a new benchmark for the industry.


WALL COSMETICS solely base on artistic approach to creates a cosmetics wall for customers. We use "life-artistic life" as the concept; advocates the importance of art that is to enjoy the spirit of life. "Health, eco-friendly, and originality" is the motto of the company. Instead of saying WALL COSMETICS is a brand, it is better to say that it is a philosophy.

Since the establishment of the company, with advanced brand sales concept, seeking quality than quantity, continuous innovation is the business philosophy. Our customer satisfaction is our success for business’s goal. We promise to provide the latest trend design together with our specialized installer workmanship to complete your desire design.

Products Brand | Supplier

Our Korean wallpapers are designed by creative Korean designers from our supplier. The wallpaper not only highlights the human nature but also has given your home a new life. It brings a brand new modernize feel to the home decoration by bringing new decoration concepts.

  • Bodaq

    Established in 1977.

    • High reputation in south-Korea’s wallpaper market

    • Modern design and wide variety of unique style

  • Cosmos

    • Available in diverse patterns, colours, and textures

    • Air-channelled adhesive

    • Can be installed on any surface

    • High-durability – lasts 10+ years

    • Sustainable

    • Fire retardant

    • Easy to clean

    • Resistant to moisture, pollutants, bacteria, and fungus