Interior Film

Bodaq Interior Film

BODAQ Interior Film’s eco-friendly, flame retardant and stability performances are certified by authorized international institutions.

Why Bodaq?

From manufacturing to installation BODAQ Interior Films promote a healthy environment and safety, minimizing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and avoiding other hazardous chemicals.

Recognizing different installation requirements we supply both fire retardant and non-fire retardant interior vinyl films to fulfill orders of any size.

Our Interior Film Advantages

  • Available in diverse patterns, colors, and textures
  • Air-channeled adhesive
  • Can be installed on any surface
  • Long lasting for at least 3-5 years
  • Odourless
Interior film can be stretched up to 100%. However, you should remember that every pattern is unique and reacts to stretching differently.
Because of its unique structure, BODAQ film is a lightweight product suitable in spaces where the amount of added weight is extremely important.
Based on strict criteria and tests of numerous international agencies, the film meets exacting performance and environmental standards.
Film patterns precisely imitate textures of natural materials – wood, stone, leather, etc.
Recognizing different installation requirements, there are both fire retardant and non-fire retardant patterns of the film.
The cost of renovation with the architectural film is a fraction of the price of a traditional renovation.
Beautiful textured patterns that suit all your interior design needs.
Easy to clean refinishing solution that is also antibacterial and antifungal.
The backing of the film is a simplified air-channeled adhesive, strong but lightweight material.
BODAQ is a high-quality product that maintains its perfect appearance for 10+ years.

Bodaq Certified Installer Review